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Deflating Misconceptions Businesses Have for Cloud Computing

b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud_computing_questions_400.jpgCloud computing has taken the business world by storm, but despite this, some entrepreneurs aren’t so convinced that migrating their data to the cloud is a good idea. These business owners usually make this decision based off of misconceptions surrounding the cloud, which might be preventing them from making full use of it. Here are two of the most common misconceptions surrounding the cloud.

Business Owners Feel the Cloud Lacks Control
Moving your business’s data to a third-party cloud storage service is certainly a big step for your company with its fair share of risk versus reward. Some business owners might feel as if the cloud takes away their control over their own data and infrastructure, which isn’t necessarily true. Granted, this concern is understandable, especially since almost all organizations deal with sensitive information like financial reports, customer and tax records, etc.

The main reason businesses see cloud computing and think of a lack of control is due to the lack of features available to the primary cloud service contenders, like Google Apps and Dropbox. The reasoning behind this is that these services weren’t designed for the enterprise-level needs of the business world, and were instead designed to be streamlined for the average user. Considering that the average consumer isn’t going to need access to advanced security and control settings, these applications tend to work just fine for the ordinary user.

However, for a business owner, you likely want something with a bit more power. There are several enterprise-level solutions available to the business owner seeking to take advantage of cloud computing, and ZR Systems can help you integrate the best cloud solution into your infrastructure. Better yet, most are scalable, so you’ll get exactly what you need for your business. Additionally, you can know that only authorized individuals will have access to your confidential data in the cloud, and you can augment this with advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Business Owners Are Wary of Data Breaches
Another reason why the business owner might avoid cloud computing is that they are nervous that they’ll be the next data breach to make headlines across the country. Last year’s cloud security breaches, including the Dropbox issue, Heartbleed bug, and iCloud hack, don’t exactly foster faith in the security of the public cloud. However, what a lot of businesses don’t understand is that there’s always a risk that hackers will compromise your data, whether it’s hosted on your in-house network or in the cloud.

If you opt for an enterprise-level cloud solution, you won’t have to deal with managing this risk yourself. ZR Systems takes care of the hard work, which saves you time, energy, and resources which are better spent elsewhere. Your data security is our primary concern, and it’s our job to deliver quality results to our clients. Due to the fact that an in-house IT staff can be stretched thin quickly due to their day-to-day responsibilities, they don’t have time for mundane routine tasks like maintaining cloud security. Let us lighten their load so your IT team can focus on more important technology initiatives.

Not only can ZR Systems monitor and maintain your cloud data, but we can also back it up with our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. You can know that in the event of a data breach or a natural disaster, your data can be recovered quickly and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

If you have questions concerning cloud computing for your business, our professional tech support team would be happy to answer them. Give us a call at (808) 369-1000 to learn more about how to integrate cloud services into your IT infrastructure.

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Thursday, July 18, 2024

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